11 Easiest Law Schools to Get Into in US


You do not have to excel at LSAT test or have grade point average over 3.5 to be admitted to one of these 11 easiest law schools to get into in US. The list, presented by Insider Monkey, is created “for future legal experts who worry that their previous academic achievement and LSAT score cannot secure them a spot at a law program”.
The list includes institutions with acceptance rate as high as 85% and median GPA and LSAT results well above national average so enrolling at one of these programs might be a piece of cake. All programs included in ranking are approved by American Bar Association (ABA). Note though that some of mentioned schools have been warned by ABA because they do not comply with standards regarding admission policy, i. e. because they have admitted significant number of high risk students who have poor academic achievements and who are very likely to drop out.
Besides median GPA and LSAT score for 2017 class, Insider Monkey presents information regarding tuition, bar passage rate and employment rate among graduates for each of these 11 law schools. Information about bar passage and employment rates are especially important as they reveal whether a school might be seen as smart investment in the future. Some programs have bar pass rate as low as 30% and prospective students should think twice before applying to such programs no matter how they might seem appealing with their loose admission requirements. At the same time it is possible to find a program which is relatively easy to get into and which also has respectable bar pass and employment rates.
If you want to find out more about these law programs follow the link to Insider Monkey’s article 11 easiest law schools to get into.