11 Fastest Growing Cities in Africa


Among the seven continents of the world, though some modern geographers now are saying there are six continents, and counting Asia and Europe as a single continent since they are one solid landmass, Africa is the most backwards in every respect. Even though one must wonder why that is, since Africa is blessed with an abundance of natural and mineral resources and also human resources. However, despite these distinct advantages, corruption and greed has long been running rampant in this part of the world, resulting in unimaginable suffering for its inhabitants. Dragging this high potential land to disorder and chaos. However, in recent years, many African countries have undergone, rigorous reforms and political revolution. And these countries, though ravaged by long wars and countless famines have now finally come united under strong leadership. These countries are showing great promise in every respect. Today we will be talking about the fastest growing African cities. Yes, though most of Africa is still struggling to cope with corruption subsequent problems, there are some countries that are on the rise. As a westerner you should learn about these growing cities, because, Africa is a very popular tourist spot, and if you have not already, you should go for a holiday there.

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