“Star Wars” perhaps the most well know movie franchise of our times. I doubt that there is hardly a single person out there who is unaware of this epic science fiction saga. Like most of our readers, we grew up with Star Wars. And always wanted and anticipated that the series would be expanded upon besides the original storyline through big budget movies. And finally we had all our prayers answered through the latest installment of this great movie franchise Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, to commemorate this massive event, our researchers have gone over the entire movie series again and have come up with some plot holes spanning the entire movie series. Given that these plot holes do not take away from the entertainment value of these movies, but plot holes are not really well received by the hardcore fans of the film series. But spoiler alert, since we are going to discuss some critical flaws in the plot, you can expect a fare bit of spoilers in the article, on top of that, if you have not seen the movies yet, this article will not make much sense to you either. Therefore, if you still have not seen Star Wars, do not read further.

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