11 Highest-paid College Football Coaches


When it comes to colleges, the competition of getting admission in one is rather tough. But did you know that the competition among colleges, when it comes to prestige and position is pretty intense as well. Well, every college wants their students to be the best bunch out there, but that’s the academic part of the competition among colleges, but the colleges also compete fiercely at sports events as well. And it is football where the magic happens. Football is already the most popular sport in America, and its college counterpart is adequately popular as well. However, there is a significant difference when it comes to the amount of money parties involved make, for instance, in college football players make nowhere near the amount professional football players make, on the other hand, in college football, the coaches make quite the significant amount. But they also are under immense pressure as well. In fact the pressure is almost proportional in relation to their respective salaries. In simpler terms, the bigger the salary, the higher the pressure on them to have their teams perform well and get results. If you would like to know about the highest paid coaches in college football, then I think I may be able to point you in the right direction.

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