Our dream of conquering the sky is very old. But unfortunately it took us thousands of years, and countless lives to perfect the technique of flight. First there came the lighter than air crafts, but then the Wright brothers totally revolutionized flying machines. And more than a century later, we are now able to fly multiple times faster than the speed of sound. No matter how sophisticated a flying machine is, it all depends on the person sitting behind the controls. The better the pilot, the better the machine will perform in its intended role. Therefore, there is always a demand for good pilots all over the world. Especially in the countries that we are going to mention in the full article. As the name suggests, these countries offer high salary for pilots, because there is a greater need for them at the moment. If you are a pilot, and are really looking for a new job with much better pay, then perhaps the article will be of help to you. Unfortunately, I cannot get into details in this short intro, but I can most definitely point you in the right direction.

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