11 Highest Paying States for Surgeons


I would very much like to take the opportunity to thank all the surgeons who work very hard and act as extensions of god’s hand in keeping us safe and healthy. A good surgeon is an asset to his/her organization, there is no doubt about it. And it also reflects in their average income throughout the United States. Compared to other branches of medicine, surgeons tend to make a very good living for the job they do. Now that being said, if you are thinking about changing your state for some reason, then I highly recommend that you do consult our list. It contains the highest paying states for surgeons. If you are going to change states, why not go for one where you will have more earning potential. Of course, just the higher earning potential gives you the full picture, you will also have to consider many other things. For example, cost of living, job security, communication facilities etcetera. But as for raw salary, I am certain that you will do well if you happen to move to any of these states mentioned in our list. Without further ado, let me point you in the right direction.

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