11 Jobs Men Will Never Be Able to Do Better than Women


If the title of the article has ticked you off, then please continue reading, and refrain from reaching out to your pitchforks and torches. This article is anything but sexist. If you look around a little bit, you can find another similar article, where we talked about jobs that men do better than women, and that was not a sexist article either. We do not believe that there is a superior sex, but both sexes are equal but there exist obvious differences. And those differences are the determining factors when it comes to which sex does which jobs betters. And of course, the article is not something arbitrary. We have done proper research and we have made the list based on our findings. You can read more about our research methodology in the full article. However, I can definitely tell you the sources we relied heavily to acquire the required data. We mainly took data from, Bureau of Labor Statistics results, Digeratilife and CBS for this list. When you go through the list you will see why we make the bold claim that men will never be able to match women in these certain jobs. It is all about numbers, and as far as we know, numbers do not lie.

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