11 Jobs Women Will Never Be Able To Do Better Than Men


Please do not reach for your pitchforks and torches just yet. I know the title sounds quite sexist, but when you read through the article, you will know for sure that it is anything but. We do not believe that there is a dominant sex, both male and female are equal but different. And these obvious differences dictate how which jobs suit, which sex the better. Besides that, while compiling the list we also consulted other sources, such as The Digerati life, Work Chron, The Guardian, Gender Stratford and Yahoo answers. And then found out jobs that where overwhelming majority is male. And of course we are not talking about obvious jobs like giving birth. The list is a very interesting one. If you are a female and just about to start you career, then you should do better to avoid the jobs mentioned in the list. The numbers do not lie, and in this case, the numbers do not favor female workers. On the other hand, if you are male, then you should probably want to know just for the sake of knowing, in which fields men surpass women.

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