11 Largest Charities In America


The values upon which the United States of America was formed includes compassion and empathy. It is only natural that when it comes to charity, the United States will take a leading position in the world. It is quite unfortunate, but very true that people are suffering from poverty severely. Despite all the social safety nets in the United States, some people still suffer from extreme poverty and live way beyond the poverty line. Now compared to other countries the percentage is definitely minuscule, but the thing is the United States of America is not like other countries. I think pretty much everyone reading this article would agree with that statement. The United States, is something that every other country in the world right now is aspiring to become. Even some of the most developed countries in the world will not be able to match the US in many sectors, including technology and military might. Okay, I think we have veered off topic for a bit there. Our today’s topic is indeed charity, and it is only natural that like so many other things, United States will be ahead of others in terms of charity as well.

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