There is just one planet that the whole of humanity can call home, at least for now. And in my humble opinion, we must all learn about it as much as we can. A little bit of infotainment at times is definitely good for passing some productive time. With that in mind, I invite you to take a trip to the biggest deserts of the world. You probably know a few of them by name, but I assure you, unless you are a geologist, you probably do not know about all of them. And our full article on this topic, features lots and lots of details about these remarkable places. When you hear the word “desert”, it kind of brings about a metal picture of a sun baked barren landscape, with no signs of life for hundreds of miles. In fact, even the harsh desert conditions, life have found ingenious ways to exist, you cannot expect a widely diverse ecosystem in the desert, but an ecosystem does exist there. Given that you probably would not want to visit any of these places in you next holiday, but nevertheless, reading about them is super fun.

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