11 Largest Hydroelectric Dams in USA


Size matters, doesn’t it? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading about 11 largest hydroelectric dams in USA.

Harnessing this nature’s element is one of the oldest ways to generate power, and we feel obliged to say a word or two about the positives and negatives of hydroelectric power. There is a whole list of reasons why there are so many attempts to make use of other resources. Firstly, building a dam is extremely pricey, and it doesn’t always pay off, even when we are talking about huge constructions because even the biggest dams are eventually dependent on water and weather conditions. Hence, they’re not absolutely dependable. Basically, the whole electricity production is dependent on whether there is going to be drought or not, or how much it is going to rain in the following period. In addition, the animal and fish habitats are changed or endangered and its full consequences are hard to predict.

But let’s mention a few benefits, too. Firstly, the trapped water can be used as an irrigation system. The pollution is minimal compared to power plants using coal, for instance. Also, the technology used is highly reliable and works like a clock.

Insider Monkeys article will give you information not only about which are the biggest hydroelectric dams in the States, but some other interesting facts, too. For example, do you know how many hydroelectric dams there are in the US? Or in the whole world? How does the US compare to the rest of the world with its hydroelectric power generation? Which is the tallest dam in the US? Which one’s the longest? Which country was hiding for decades how many people died in a dam collapse? Which dam was dedicated to a First Lady?

All this and much more in 11 largest hydroelectric dams in the USA. Read on!