11 Largest Islands in the World by Population


Unless you live on the coastline, you hardly come across large bodies of water. I mean a city dwelling average human being has hardly any need to go out and explore the vast oceans these days. But the fact is, though we do come across the vastness of the oceans every day, our entire planet consists mostly of water. About three quarters of the surface area of our planet is covered in water. And thus, unsurprisingly, there are islands and some of them are pretty remote as well. By definition, the word “island” means a land mass surrounded by water. And in essence, the word also means, a speck of land isolated from the rest of the world. But the fun part about the definition is, the entire continent of Australia can be technically termed as an Island. Today, we will be talking about some very interesting islands of the world. Which though technically islands, but are nowhere near being isolated or desolate, rather are full of life and activity. With bustling cities and huge communities. Today we will be talking about the islands with the most population.

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