The most prominent driving force in humans is said to be hope. This is not me saying this, but many psychologists believe that we exist because hope exists, if there were no hope, we would cease to exist as well. Now, lottery is something that only works because we have hope of winning it. I mean, if we were to approach the subject of the lottery in a scientific or rather mathematical way, we would find that the odds are heavily stacked against us. However, there is a small possibility of winning and that drives people to invest heavily in lottery tickets. However, since the money gained from the lottery is not hard earned, most people begin indulging in unnecessary expenses and end up blowing up their winnings in matter of a short few years. This is a very prominent trend among lottery winners. Today however, we will talk about a few lottery winners who have actually made money after winning the lottery and are still leading a lavish life. This is nothing short of unusual to say the least. I am sure you are quite interested in learning about these people, who went from rags to riches thanks to the lottery, and they managed to stay there thanks to their intelligent utilization of the money they had.

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