11 Most Affordable Countries to Live in Africa in 2015


If you love nature and admire the unspoiled beauty of it, you absolutely have to visit Africa for a trip or two. Yes, the continent definitely has its fair share of issues, but at present, there are many African countries that have achieved a lot and are quite welcoming to westerners. As you will notice, if you take a look at the number of tourists that visit Africa each year to experience Mother Nature first hand. But in this article, we will be presenting to you a totally different perspective about Africa. We will be talking about, how good Africa actually is for living in permanently. As you already know, many Americans are deciding to move out of The United States, after their retirement. Because of the ever growing expenses. But just imagine the prospect, what an amazing living standard you can achieve in African countries with the amount a retired person would make. Yes, in the full article, we talk about some of the most affordable African countries today. And not just in terms of money, because if the natives are not open towards the foreigners, then living in such countries for any duration can be rather difficult.

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