When it comes to personal freedom and the freedom of speech, people tend to think about the United States of America. We know that there is a fair share of controversy regarding this very topic and the US government, but that aside, I do not think there is a single country out there that can match the level of personal freedom that the citizens of the United States enjoy. The decision to become a journalist should not be taken without putting considerable thought into it. Yes, it offers a good career opportunity, and there are quite a few US journalists who have made it quite big in the world. But, journalism is most certainly not an easy job. Furthermore, depending on your area of expertise, journalism can be a very risky job to handle as well. For example, war correspondents are under constant risk of being hit by enemy fire. And also the instance where criminal targeted and caused harm to journalists for his/her report is not uncommon as well. And these are just the two most attractive fields of journalism right now. But obviously, despite these facts, people are doing these jobs to great effect.

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