Among the countless blessings of God that we enjoy, food is perhaps the best. Thankfully, most of us can eat to their hearts content, but there are a few who are allergic to several types of food. And thus must avoid consuming them. We can only imagine how horrible the situation can be, but the person who is suffering from such a condition is definitely very unfortunate. One other very unfortunate thing about allergies is that they cannot be cured, the only way is to avoid eating the stuff that you are allergic to. There have been several cases where food allergies have led to fatalities. Therefore, ignoring the allergy is not a good idea as well. Scientists are still trying to figure out the reason for such allergies, and hopefully in the near future they will be able to come up with a viable cure, but they have indicated that in countries where processed food is consumed at a greater quantity, more people suffer from food allergies. So, please make sure that you are consuming ample natural food, and avoid processed food whenever possible.

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