11 Most Commonly Used Illegal Drugs


Drug use is nothing new. It is a worldwide problem, and it has been like this for a very long time. Archeological evidence suggests that, the very first cultivated plants might have been something that produced some sort of narcotics. And that estimate if true, means that humans have been prone to drug use ever since the inception of the first civilizations. Though in the earlier societies, narcotics or drugs have been primarily used as a means of healing some ailments or as part of some religious ritual, but today, the bulk of illegal drug consumption is done because of the pleasurable state that these drugs induce. Throughout the world these substances have been banned and outlawed, but still the rate of their consumption is not declining. Though illegal drugs do have some medicinal properties, but the addiction, that results from continual use is nothing short of lethal. Many social and moral problems can directly attributed to drug use. The drug addicts or “junkies” as they are commonly referred to, pose a serious threat to themselves and others around them. When they feel the craving, and could not get the money together to meet up with their need, most of them resort to criminal activities.

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