Creativity is something a person is born with. But without proper care and guidance, even the most creative minds can go to waste. The world could use creative minds more than ever. The thing is, at this day and age, we possess the most number of tools for creativity. Take the computer for example, a creative person can create a global phenomenon, not even once leaving the comfort of his/her home with the use of a computer. If you wonder how can we measure an entire country’s creativity? Then the answer is, there exists such an index which measures a countries overall creativity. Here I am referring to Global Creative Index 2015. This acted as the template for this article. Of course, our researchers various other means to compile this unique list of countries, but we were certainly inspired by the aforementioned index. If you are a creative person yourself, then you are right to wonder which countries possess the most creative minds today. And our article can provide you with a definitive answer.

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