11 Most Expensive Animals in the World


We love to keep pets, there is no doubt about that at all. Most of us are content with a pet dog or cat, they are easy to take care for and are very friendly creatures. Dogs are not man’s best friend for nothing. On the other hand cats look very cute and cuddly they do not require much in the way of special facilities to pet well. The United States alone is home to some estimated 86 million cats and 74 million domesticated dogs. Also, here are countless fishes in fish tanks and horses in stables across the world. It is rather safe to assume people are extremely for of the companionship these pets offer.

Though most people can be content with a cat or dog as their pets, but there are some out there who just have to pull the extra mile to outdo all the pet loving world and get themselves an exotic pet, not to mention these exotic pets are not only hard to find they are very, very expensive as well. Mainly the price of an animal increases with rarity,some genetic features, such as albino animals. In nature albino animals usually die off because of their genetic defects. Only in captivity, such as in zoos they can actually survive,but to acquire them from a zoo, it would take a lot of paperwork and money.

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