The feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins is unmatched. And people get addicted to this adrenaline rush quite easily. I am not implying it is a bad thing, it is far better than getting addicted to narcotics for one, but there are some inherent dangers in being an adrenaline junkie. Adrenaline is a hormone that secretes when our body goes through rigorous and thrilling activity. There are many ways to stimulate the secretion of adrenaline, one of the most common is taking part in thrilling adventures on an ATV and/or UTV. UTV and ATV are mainly off road vehicles which makes it possible to traverse rough terrain. And in experienced hands, they can perform quite a few tricks while dealing with the rough terrain as well.

ATV stands for all terrain vehicles, it is smaller than UTV, and has seating arrangements for only one person. The UTV stands for utility terrain vehicle, UTV is also used for traversing rough terrain, but it usually has seating arrangements for two or more people. Driving off road has never been as easy. The use of UTV and ATV are still limited to mostly recreational purposes, thus making these vehicles quite expensive.

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