Basketball has become one of the most watched sports of today. It is a very popular form of entertainment for any sports minded person. It packs high octane action and excitement and it does not take long to get to the results, thus making it a perfect choice for many sports fans around the world. Another reason for its popularity is that it does not require a huge space to be played, even a back yard will suffice if need be.

In any competitive sports, along with skill having better gear is essential as well. Let’s do a thought experiment, if we consider two players possessing the same degree of expertise facing off each other, and one has the advantage of better gear and the other does not, what will the likely outcome be? Yes, the player with better gear will win most of the time. When it comes to basketball it requires very little in terms of kits, a proper snicker will probably do the trick. And who would not want to look cool when they rack up the scores.

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