The cycling phenomenon has gained popularity all over the world. Many people use the bicycle to travel in order to stay in shape and socialize with like minded people and in the process save some money. Using bicycles also cuts down on our carbon footprint significantly. Compared to a car or a motorcycle, the bicycles are dirt cheap. Of course the bicycles that we will be talking about today are the exception. There are many organizations of bicyclists that promote bicycling as an alternative to conventional transport for short distances. It is a great way to escape the daily grind of life and relax the mind and body by spending a little time on bicycles. Also bicycle racing is a very popular sport as well.

Ever since the advent of this device, they have gained widespread popularity and from the looks of it, bicycles will remain popular in the foreseeable future also. That being said, the bicycle we have come to know and love, look and function differently from the earlier models. The advancement of technology and manufacturing techniques have transformed the vehicle entirely for good. They have become much more durable, reliable and functional than ever before.

If you are a cycling enthusiast and looking to pick up a brand new bike, you might want to go through the article that I am about to link here. The article lists 11 Most Expensive Bicycles In the World, even if you do not want to spend a fortune on a bicycle, even then the article will be an interesting read.