11 Most Expensive Buildings in the World


Our ancestors used to dwell in naturally formed caves and caverns and on tree tops to keep themselves safe from danger. But thankfully we have come a very long way from that. Today we reign supreme on this planet as the most dominant species. And so to match our status the buildings we construct are also huge and complex, standing tall and formidable.

Brand new skyscraper projects are being proposed and initiated all over the world. Architects are pushing the limits to the extreme in order design these impressive buildings. It seems as if the building developers are locked in an endless race to the sky. Even if we discount the ongoing projects we will still end up with numerous buildings that have very costly interior and exteriors across the world. Like the luxurious apartments, resorts and even high end commercial offices. They are the result of countless innovations from brilliant architects and engineers. The cost associated with these buildings is just astronomical, but yet they are worth the hefty price tag attached to them. Billions of dollars go into constructing one such wonder of modern architecture and ingenuity.

We have come up with a list of 11 Most Expensive Buildings in the World. If you are willing to read further on this topic, then please click on the link, it will take you to the full article.