Want to own a real speedster? Like to sit comfortably wrapped in luxury while you roll? Nope, it’s not a sin, but you better be prepared for what comes next, a huge insurance premium. It’s one thing to be able to afford a cool speedster but it’s completely another when you have to pay a huge insurance premium each month to keep on driving it. Buying a new car has been always exhilarating, but this can be really short lived if you have not inquired about the associated insurance costs. Some cars cost up to three times more to insure than others.

Typically, as expensive the car gets, the higher is its premium. Also, some other things are factored is as well, like the horsepower, but this only applies to sports models not for trucks and SUVs which are designed to haul heavy loads. Also family friendly vehicles such as SUV’s and minivans are less expensive to insure, since it is generally believed the person behind the wheel on such vehicles is going to be a responsible mom or dad who won’t be driving rather recklessly.

If you are eyeing a neat speedster, then it is advised that you go through the insurance scheme for that particular vehicle as well. Because it is always better to be safe than sorry. And I highly recommend that you click below to read about the 11 Most Expensive Cars to Insure, this article will help you understand how the insurance policy works and help you plan your purchase better.