11 Most Expensive Cities to Rent in America in 2015


The two of the most contradictory human natures are, we love to travel and explore, and also we love to stay at home and enjoy all of its comforts. So naturally the question comes to mind, how could we possibly do two things that are literally opposite to each other at once. We cannot carry our homes with us when we travel, well, the RV is one solution to that problem but it certainly is not something permanent. So, for a more stable solution we resort to renting houses.

We travel quite a  bit, not just for recreational purposes, but also due to work and health issues as well. And though some of us might indulge in the thrill of the unknown, but most of us would rather have a fleshed out plan concerning their trip. If budget is of concern, then the latter approach is much more convenient as well. All I am saying is it does not hurt to know how much it’s going to cost to rent a place for living, where we travel to. As the saying goes ” its better to be safe than sorry”.

If you are considering a trip in the US then please head over to insider monkey’s blog page for the main article that lists the 11 Most Expensive Cities to Rent in America in 2015. Hopefully the article will help you plan the trip better.