11 Most Expensive Cities to Visit in Asia in 2015


The first thing I wish you mention is that Asia is the largest continent of the world, you already knew that, but the reasons I mentioned it here is because Asia is so big that you cannot form an opinion about the whole continent just by looking at a few countries at a time. There are countries in Asia that can easily rival some of the most developed countries in the world in terms of economic strength, and also in Asia there are countries that that has an economy as bad as a poor African country. I mean nearly two thirds of the world’s population resides in Asia, in numbers that will be about 4.5 billion people. Now that being said, naturally Asia has some of the greatest tourist spots to offer, and there are many countries in Asia where tourism is the backbone of their economy. If you are planning on visiting Asia sometime soon, and you do not like cutting corners when it comes to comfort and pleasure. Then the following list has just the right tourist attractions for you to check out. Our researchers have ranked the most expensive cities in Asia, and these cities offer world class amenities to its visitors.

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