11 Most Expensive Cities to Visit in South America in 2015


There is nothing like spending the holidays in a grand location with friends and family. Most people nowadays live a very busy life. Where work consumes most of their time, hardly leaving any for friends and family. In such conditions, holidays server to break the monotony of daily life. It is extremely important to choose where and with whom you wish to spend your holidays. If you have enough money to spare, then you will find the list quite useful to you. Today we will be talking about some of the most expensive South American cities that you can visit. When it comes to selecting the holiday destinations, South American cities are sometimes by potential tourists. But, savvy travelers always seem to flock to this part of the world for good reasons. The diverse cultures, friendly natives, and world class amenities are few of them. But, as I mentioned earlier, some South American cities can be quite expensive. Though, standard of living index indicates European and Scandinavian cities to be the most expensive places to be in the world, but the cities that made our list are not far behind.

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