11 Most Expensive Countries in Africa


Out of all the continents in the world, Africa is perhaps the most backwards to date. And there are many reasons behind it. Even though Africa is indeed blessed with enormous amounts of natural and mineral resources, but political turmoil, and bad leadership and just the general greed of people have taken its toll on the entire continent. Famines and wars are a constant in Africa. However, the people belonging to various African nations are indeed determined to change all that for the better. And for the past couple of decades they have been hard at work in order to improve the overall condition of their continent. We must understand one thing that, without the development of the entire human world we cannot move forward into the future as a race. And realizing this, western more developed nations have been offering their aid to African nations. From the looks of it, the time when African nations finally break free of all those things holding them back from reaching their full potential is not that far away. And our topic for today proves just that. Today, we will be talking about some African countries that have achieved very strong economies, and thus have a rather high cost of living.

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