11 Most Expensive Countries in Asia


Asia is the largest continent among all the others. And it is also home to most of the world’s population as well. Asia is the amalgamation of thousands of diverse cultures and ways of life in itself. Also, there are few nations in Asia that have made a name for themselves in many fields of development and technology. Though most Asian countries are not economically that strong, like their counterparts in the west, however, some countries definitely command great economies, such as China, Japan, India and the Oil exporting Arab countries. No wonder there are some cities in Asia that can rival even the Scandinavian cities when it comes to cost of living. And we all know how expensive that can be. Why should you be concerned with that, you ask? Well, several Asian countries have established themselves as a prime tourist spot. And if you have never been to Asia, then you are definitely missing out on many cool and awesome things. So, if you know about the most expensive cities in Asia, when you eventually get there, you will be prepared for it. There is nothing like falling short on money while away on vacation.

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