11 Most Expensive Countries to Buy An iPhone


Since the launch of the Apple’s first iPhone in the year 2007, the telecommunication industry has never been the same again. Apple made the world aware that a mobile phone is just a device on which you can just make and receive calls, but it is something much, much more. Apple launched its new flagship smartphone not so long ago, and getting a hold of this device is the dream of every Apple fan. You all know that, Apple targets the high end consumer market with their products. And their smartphones are no exception. However, the price of an iPhone can vary greatly in different countries. Despite, being the same product in every respect, if you wish to buy the iPhone from the countries that have made their way into our list today, you will have to pay a premium on top of the already high price of the new iPhone. That being said, it must also be noted here that, despite the high price, iPhone sales are nothing short of satisfactory in these countries. Proving the brand loyalty of Apple product consumers. But, it is advised to avoid these countries in the list when buying an iPhone, if you have the option.

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