Milk is the definitive example of wholesome food. Though most associate this wonderful food with kids, but milk offers a great deal of advantage to adults as well. Just imagine all the dairy products we consume today, and every single one of them is made from milk. Whenever, it comes to milk, we do not think much about its price, because despite all the goodness it packs, milk is rather cheap to buy. Yes, some dairy products like cheese can definitely get quite expensive, but basic milk not that expensive to acquire. But today we a have a rather surprising article today, in this article we will talk about some countries, where buying milk can be really expensive. You will be absolutely surprised to learn about how high the price of milk can go. Milk is never considered as a luxury product, however the prices will definitely force you to think again. There are various reasons behind the high price of milk in certain countries, but we will explore the reasons in some other article, today we will only give you the list of countries where milk has become almost a luxury, that being said, you might think that people in these countries might have very high salaries, but in fact it is quite the opposite.

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