Tourism is one of the major drivers of global economy. The tourism industry is booming all over the globe. With remarkable advancements in aviation,  traveling around the world is no longer a fantasy. But our planet mostly consists of water, all most three quarters of our planet is covered by vast and deep blue oceans, which opens a new frontier for tourists and the industry leaders alike. In the past the only viable means of intercontinental travel was through these vast oceans, but now if we wish we can travel anywhere in the planet via air-crafts. But though seemingly inconvenient, cruising through the vastness of the high seas has not died down quite yet. The core idea has been revolutionized and modernized by the tourism industry.

Our technology has allowed us to construct large ships massive ships that can traverse the seas without any risk whatsoever. And the ships are home to unmatched luxury by any other means of long distance travel. The sea cruises have become a very fun and practical way of spending the holidays. Also the expenses associated with it has increased as well.

If you are planning on a boat trip, then please click the link to insider monkey’s blog page which lists 11 Most Expensive Cruises in the World. Yes the trips listed there cost a fortune, but be assured that they are worth every cent you spend.