11 Most Expensive Digital Camera Lenses in the World


In the old days (though I say “old” but it has not actually been that long, and the technology has not completely died out yet) cameras used film, after taking a photo we had to wait for it to be developed, and then we finally got to see the photograph itself. The process is not only time consuming, but rather expensive as well, when compared to the latest digital cameras or DSLRs as we commonly refer to the technology now. The DSLRs have become the norm in professional and in hobby photography.

Let’s talk about the history behind the camera for a while, I think it is relevant to the subject matter. The lens is perhaps the most important part of a camera. Its biological counterpart is most definitely the eye. There are numerous types of lenses for various situations and styles of photography. For example, for shooting portrait shots you will need a different kind of lens than if you had been shooting macro shots. But it is rather ironic that the first known account of a light instrument which inspired the camera had no lens what so ever. It had a very tiny hole where a lens is suppose to be. This is referred to as a pinhole camera.

Well, we have come a long way since then. Now modern camera lenses enable us to take breath taking shots with incredible precision. And to any camera savvy it would come as no surprise that, some lenses can easily be more expensive than the camera itself. If you are interested in learning more about 11 Most Expensive Digital Camera Lenses in the World, then just click on the link to access the full article.