11 Most Expensive Divorce Settlements in the World


Marriage is the most important event of our lives, we do not get to say “to death do us part” every day. But alas, not every marriage is destined to last for ever and ever. Sometimes it is just better to let go, than to hold on to something that just will cause you more pain and suffering. Everyone has a right to second chances. I must quote the famous saying ” to err is human” and humans, we are, so it is inevitable to make mistakes as we go on with our lives, and some mistakes can really devastate a marriage and then the only solution is a divorce.

Divorce is always a messy business whenever children and money is involved. However, a per-nap can ease things for both parties, but asking your would be better-half for a pre-nap has always been a rather controversial subject. Yet some go through the process, but others do not. And in those cases a divorce settlement can cost literally billions of dollars. We are talking about the most costly divorce settlements ever. Yes, people involved in such disputes were very rich indeed.

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