11 Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Maintain in the World


Do you own a pet or pets? Many people across the globe own a pet today, I not implying that people did not own pets in the past but the number of pet owners have most certainly increased over the years. Also, the degree of owning exotic and rare animals as pets have increased proportionately. From rare fishes to rare reptiles you can find all sorts of animals if you look at a pet collector’s collection. Yes, pets too seem to have become a sort of collection to some, those who can afford to. If you happen to be just an average pet owner, chances are either you have dog or a cat, because those who seek pure companionship and fun from their pets tend to go for either. Neither cats nor dogs are rare exotic animals, but there are certain breeds of them that can cost you a fortune in order acquire and maintain them. Today we will be focusing on dogs specifically. Though it is generally believed that cats require more maintenance than dogs, but if you happen to own some of the dog breeds that we are going to discuss, you may have to pay quite a lot of money in terms of maintenance.

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