Cameras are everywhere, thanks to the smartphones of today, as the pack quite a powerful camera for a standard feature. Though a smartphone camera and thanks to the robust processing power of the smartphone itself, can do a decent job, but purists and professionals will always rely on an actual camera to get the job done. Photography is a passion, it requires talent which is definitely god gifted and it requires training and equipment to make the most of what one has in terms of talent in this field. Whenever we go beyond the “selfies” cameras slapped onto smartphones begin to lose their credibility. Though it is definitely possible for a good photographer to snap some amazing shots using a smartphone camera, however the general consensus is he/she would have been able to do a much better job if he/she had been using a full fledged camera.

Cameras have come a long way since its humble beginning. In the past, a photographer was utterly at the mercy of natural elements over which he/she had little control. But thanks to the advent of DSLRs or digital single-lens reflex cameras we not only are able to digitize our photographs, but we now can also, influence the environment to our liking.

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