11 Most Expensive Items Found On Antiques Roadshow


Anyone who is interested in antiques, have possibly heard about the ‘Antiques Roadshow’. It is a British television show, where appraisers appraise antiques brought in by the locals. The basic idea has not changed since its inception. Many countries have adopted the concept and started their own show ever since. Who would not want to find a million dollar antique hidden away in their attic. But to think of it, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Regardless, anyone familiar with the Antiques Roadshow knows that the notion of finding a price of history brings people together wherever the show is being filmed, and people show up with all sorts of stuff in order to have them appraised. Though to think of it, the average appraisal is around 100 dollars, since people, mostly bring family bibles and china tea cups that are not worth much. However, there have been incidents, when people have got appraised for millions of dollars. But they don’t usually cash in on their antiques, since they have been in the family for many years and they treat these antiques like family heirlooms. Instead, they keep their antiques and rent them out to the local museums usually.

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