Louis Vuitton Mallertier or more commonly known as Louis Vuitton refers to a French fashion house founded in the year 1854 by Mr. Louis Vuitton. It is well known for its luxury leather goods and other fashion accessories like watches, jewelry and sunglasses. It is considered to be one of the leading international fashion houses of today, its net worth nearing 25 billion dollars. As with any famous brand, counterfeiters are trying to capitalize this brand’s popularity, it is estimated that almost 18 percent of European Union’s counterfeit products are knock offs of Louis Vutton.

The distinctive “LV” logo of Louis Vuitton is enough to make a product’s price sore up without any rational explanation. But the company did not reach this position just by coincidence. They deliver the best quality products for the money. It is rather expensive to buy a pair of women’s shoe that has “LV” logo on it, but one can rest assured that he/she has received the money’s worth. The kind of attention a product with LV logo will get you is astounding. If you to accessories yourself with trendy wears Louis Vuitton is the brand for you.

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