11 Most Expensive Military Planes in the World


Greetings to all military hardware enthusiasts out there. Today we will be talking about the pinnacle of today’s military might, the combat aircrafts. It is true that unless you have boots on the ground you cannot control a territory, but with these amazing aircrafts and their precision weapons, annihilating the enemy while remaining out of their reach is quite easy. Once there was a time when battleships of the navies around the world were the ultimate weapons. However, that changed at the advent of the aircraft and their successful use during the First World War. And by the end of the end of Second World War, aircrafts have established themselves as a weapon that will forever change how wars are fought. However, after the war, aircraft design reached new heights. And aircrafts became more and more capable. But, the only downside to these amazing weapons is their cost. As aircraft designs became more sophisticated the cost associated with them increased many folds. Especially R&D (research and development) costs were immense. And still to this day, the trend continues. We have a list that will entice any military aircraft enthusiast. So, please keep reading.

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