11 Most Expensive Musical Instruments in the World


From the dawn of humanity, we have always been attracted towards music. The first example of a musical instrument was created using bones and sticks, by the our ancestors. These stone age musicians have left us the flutes they produced. Today when we look at them, we cannot help but wonder, how deeply rooted is music in us. We did not stop making music, instead we have advanced it many folds, beyond blowing through a hole in a stick and smacking rocks together. We have created musical instruments so complex and massive that an entire building is required to accommodate for it. I am referring to the “pipe organ” though they vary in size and some can be as small as a piano, but the larger variants do require a considerable amount of space. But the size does not always account for the cost of these instruments, along with complexity, musical instruments tend to raise in price with age and rarity as well. In fact the most expensive musical instruments to date are not the latest technologically enhanced version of an instrument, but rather, rare peaces crafted by reputed craftsmen of the past.

We have come up with a list of 11 Most Expensive Musical Instruments in the World. If you are enthusiastic about musical instruments or music in general, I am certain you will find the article quite interesting. Please click on the link for details.