11 Most Expensive Ransoms Ever Paid


Kidnapping is a real threat. There can be many reasons behind a kidnapping, but perhaps the most common of them all is the ransom money. Throughout the history of mankind, men have committed terrible things driven by the lust for wealth. And kidnapping is one of them. Usually it is an organized offense, where meticulous planning and plotting is involved. Because, the stakes involved in such a heinous crime are very high indeed. It can be said that, those who manage to pull off a successful kidnapping possess a considerable level of intelligence and if it had been put to good use, these people may have achieved many great things for the good of mankind. But, I know nothing of criminal psychology, how a criminal works and what drives a criminal to perform such actions. On the other hand, a kidnapping can really take its toll on the victim, in most cases the victims are abused both mentally and physically. And sometimes the victims are mercilessly murdered by the kidnapper/s even after receiving the ransom, in order to protect their secrecy. A kidnapping is an offense against the entire civilized world.

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