11 Most Expensive Restaurants in America


Everyone loves to go out for a nice meal every now and then. Dining out can serve as a great form of entertainment, and relaxation. Also, spending some quality time with the entire family at a good diner just seems legit. Apart from the food, going out to a diner is an experience in itself. So, we pay not just for the food, but also the experience as well. And that experience is something that can make going out for a meal a pretty expensive affair for some of us.

The food is very important, but the food is merely one part of the whole experience, and yes the exotic food will generally cost you more than just an average meal, but the restaurant you chose to eat at is the major factor. Depending on the diner and their standards your entire experience can change, even if we consider the food as a constant. So, finding the perfect balance between the experience and your budget is a difficult task indeed.

If you are someone who likes to go out and have a great eating experience, then you have come to the right place. As with pretty much everything else, the more are you willing to spend, the better you can expect to get out of it. Please click the link below to read more on the 11 Most Expensive Restaurants in America.