We like to eat, no matter how we approach the subject, we just cannot deny that we always crave delicious food. Even though eating rich food all the time may not be the most ideal thing to do, because most delicious food contains so much calories that it can make us overweight, and we do not want that. Eating healthy and eating delicious are not the same thing. However, I think it is a sin not to indulge in some delicacy from time to time but not always. Also exotic dishes can cost quite a bit, since most of the time the ingredients has to be flown in from other countries.

New York  City offers one of the best cuisine experience of the world, because it is home to many great chefs from around the world. One can spend quite a bit of money for a dinner at one of New York’s best restaurants easily. But the thing with restaurants is, we not only pay for the food that is in front of us, but we are also paying for the overall experience, that includes the ambience, location, service, and theme of the restaurant. And in the end you will find most deals to be justified.

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