How we perceive the world around us, is an ever changing notion. Today there are many things that we take for granted, however, merely a decade ago these things were nothing but pure science fiction. Science is the driving force of humankind. We progress, because of our ability to better understand things around us, how they work, how we can harness their immense power, and how we can utilize these powers to our advantage. And I am sure you already know, how expensive it is to run experiments, and there is no guarantee that the experiments will yield any results that will be commercially applicable to make the money spent on it. But, yet we strive to achieve the impossible, and this driving force has given us the modern civilization with all of its conveniences that we like so much. Today, we will be talking about some of the most expensive experiments ever undertaken by humankind. Regardless of their outcome or how significant they were to our civilization. We have ranked these experiments solely based on the monetary value of them. And if you are a science enthusiast, you will find this article more than enjoyable. So, strap in for a mega dose of infotainment at its best.

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