11 Most Expensive Shoe Stores in the World


Unlike most fashion accessories, the shoe was actually invented for a very practical reason. Since us humans are left to our own devices by Mother Nature, when it comes to protecting ourselves from the elements, we had to design shoes to protect our feet. But times have changed and so have the shoes, as the saying goes “you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes”. Now that being said, if you are a Shopaholic and on top of that a woman, you might want to turn away from this article, no please do not label me as a sexist, statistics show that on average, women spend a lot more on shoes than men. The shops that made our list today, are like the Pandora’s Box for Shopaholics, you can spend a fortune on shoes at one of these stores. Well, maybe that is the idea behind these stores. Of course, these crazy expensive shoe stores offer shoes from all the top tier brands and designers. And some offer exclusive shoe ranges that you can only get from them and them alone. So, when you lose a lot of money over just a pair of shoes, don’t tell me I did not warn you.

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