The television has been the primary source of entertainment for a very long time. Ever since its inception and up to the advent of modern day personal computers. And television still is one of the most, if not the most prominent source of entertainment for us. And as television manufacturers are trying to integrate the personal computers into the television set itself, we can be sure that the televisions will remain with us for the foreseeable future. I am talking about the “smart” television here, which can easily connect to the internet and also can run applications just like a computer, and on top of it provides high definition picture and sound on a much larger scale. Also the integration of 3d technology in the television will increase its lifespan even further.

If affordability is not the issue, there are many things that a television can do for us. The latest talk in town is ultra high definition imagery. And to produce such imagery, a standard size television would fall short, so we need to increase the size of the screen to about a 100 inches. And that can cost a great deal of money. But, companies have come forward with such humongous television sets with a price tag to match its size.

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