11 Most Expensive Tequilas in the World


On the surface of things, tequila is a form of spirit that we get from aged blue agave plants. Most tequila drinks are made with an alcohol content of around 40%. However, even up to 60% alcohol content tequilas exists. But do practice caution whenever tasked with chugging one down. Because these could literally blow your mind for good. When it comes to consumption of tequila, the United States tops any other country. There are roughly 500 brands of tequila manufacturers that you can choose from.

The birthplace of this intoxicating beverage is the city of Santiago de Tequila. However the phenomenon has gone global. As mentioned before, there are many international brands that now specialize in the production of this high alcohol beverage. Probably the memory that flash us by when he hear of tequila, is that drinking too much of it and then swearing not to go near this fiery liquid ever again. Normally tequila is chugged down in one go with a lick of salt and a dash of lemon. However, there are premium brands that are meant to be sipped and savored.

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