11 Most Expensive Theme Parks Ever Built


The word “theme park” is pretty much synonymous with fun. Unless of course you are thinking about some creepy horror movie shot at a theme park. Well, we are going to talk about theme parks today, and not the creepy kind. We know that our readers, like ourselves, have an interest in learning about expensive places and things, and with this article we will let you know about some of the most expensive theme parks ever built. Anyone who loves spending some fun time with family and friends have definitely been to theme parks several times. But can you tell, how much money does it take to make one awesome theme park? Well, you probably know that some rides charge quite a bit of money for tickets, but you definitely do not know how expensive they are to build. But, when you are through with the following article, you will understand, why some rides charge you an incredible amount of money. Though most theme parks stick to the standard, but the parks made the list are exceptional in many ways, not just their overall price tag. If visiting theme parks is your idea of fun, then you are absolutely going to love the full article.

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