A Toll road or a tollway is public or private road, where a certain fee must be paid in order to use it. This fee is usually charged to recuperate the cost of construction and maintenance of the road. Some form of this toll system has been in existence since antiquity. Where  the travelers on horseback or foot had to pay for passage. No one is fond of toll roads, but the system serves a necessary purpose. The local government needs the money accumulated by tolls to cover the expenses of construction and maintenance work of that road. The toll itself is not that much of a deal, but stopping the vehicle in order to pay the toll can be annoying at times. Every now and then you will encounter a toll road while traveling from point A to point B, it may seem like a hassle but paying the toll is essential.

However, times have changed drastically, in the past the passenger had to stop the car and roll down the window in order to pay tolls. But now there are toll roads that do not require the passengers to stop at all. A scanner will read and identify the license plate of the vehicle and bill it to the owner by mail. That is a rather convenient way of doing it.

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