11 Most Expensive Tropical Fish in the World


Pet owners always want to show off their pets to others, and when it comes to displaying one’s pet, nothing beats an aquarium full of rare and exotic fishes. Owning and maintaining an aquarium full of vibrantly colorful fish is not that expensive as well. Also, it is relatively easy to maintain an aquarium compared to other pets. However, there are people who take this hobby of petting aquatic creatures to a new level by collecting only the most rare and expensive fishes there are. Now that can be rather costly.

Unless one has the time and money to track down and pay for these rare beauties of the deep, this hobby can not work. Because depending on the rarity and method of capture, these fishes can cost a fortune. Also, special government permission may be required for collecting some species. While the collectors enjoy these rare beauties up close, we can content ourselves with the pictures and video footages. It is really good to know that there are such beautiful creatures that dwell in the dark depths of the seas. After looking at these fishes one can clearly assume why would anyone go through this much trouble for collecting them.

If you are one such collector, or just curious about these wonderful creatures of the tropical oceans, then please follow the link to 11 Most Expensive Tropical Fish in the World.